Day 232: Jennifer Hoffman


My work is meant to be entertaining and to evoke fun and wonderment.

Each bold color represents the incredible array of emotions and thoughts running through all of us. Never be afraid to show your true colors.

Artist Statement:

I feel I am a risk-taker working in the abstract form. The wild colors and shapes you see in each piece come from the furthest parts of my subconscious. I am most inspired by the deep-sea and outer-space; as you may see reflected in my work. I have a passionate interest in the connection between our biology, behavior, and the psyche.

My work is completely reflective of what I am feeling in that moment; be it joy or darkness. I think in tiny details; analytical one might say. Zooming in on the smallest of creatures and how I imagine the great possibilities of the unknown; of life, anywhere but Earth. There is something so fascinating to me about the immeasurable variety of species we share this planet with.

I also am inspired by the supernatural, and mind expanding, enlightening experiences. For me the experience of creating art is highly therapeutic and provides an outlet for all of the energy the universe is sending. I am the vessel and my art is the message.


Jennifer B. Hoffman is a contemporary abstract painter residing in Scottsdale Arizona. She is currently exhibiting her work primarily in Downtown Phoenix and Scottsdale art galleries, shows, and other venues including restaurants, salons, and in-home staging.

An avid traveler and a bit of a gypsy, Jennifer has made her way around the world from the Caribbean islands, Switzerland, Japan, Canada, Mexico and has lived and travelled all over the United States.

She has successfully worked as a professional actor, fine artist, dancer, singer, comedian, and natural product sales representative. After earning her Master’s degree in Professional Counseling, she practiced as a licensed therapist. Jennifer’s true passion, however, is for the fine arts and is considered an artist in every sense of the word.

Contact info and Social Media links:

New Galaxy
New Galaxy
Life Out There Jennifer Hoffman
Life Out There
Ayuasca Dreams
Galactic Firestorm
Galactic Firestorm

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