Day 226: Veronica Worel

I have been working on horses and other animals, and one architectural scene in different types of lighting. They are all being done in oil, acrylic, pen. I have also done sculptural pieces in foam carving. My references are of my own pictures that I choose to reproduce in my own way of how I want it to look.

For me getting the detail of an object or figure correctly even and looking pleasing to the human eye and showing that an artist can create beautiful masterpieces that will inspire future and current artists to look at my pieces in wonder and in awe, and for them to achieve that level in their work.

I find that my artwork is unique in every piece that show my inner true self, my passion for certain animals and showing some of the Native American side in me.

Instagram: vworel

Turquoise Waters, Oil on Canvas
Pueblo, Ink on paper
Showtime, Acrylic on Canvas



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