Day 222: Jill Sans

I have been doing art since I was a child, growing up in the Midwest, imagination was my entertainment and salvation. In college, my eyes were opened to a larger world of culture, history, and design. I consumed art history, what inspired others to create and the stories of ancient cultures.
Today my art allows me to connect mind with hands. By creating I can better understand what my senses perceive outside myself. The natural world inspires me endlessly and my place as a human in it. There is a subtle, soft exchange of life happening, seen and felt.
My art represents moments in time, a thought or feeling. Each line, dot, and fill of paint is the motion of my hand, moments of breath.
Art for me is freedom, the ability to communicate through form and color. To share this with others gives me a tremendous sense of gratitude.
instagram – @jillsans
Eternal Sunshine, Acrylic on Canvas
Untitled, Acrylic on Paper
Listen, Acrylic on Paper


The Awakening, Acrylic on Wood




Peace Mandala, Acrylic on Paper


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