Day 215: Albert Wach

    I am One Wind Silver Fox of the Pipil tribe of El Salvador Central America also named Albert Wach . I was born in Oregon and moved very young to Sanders Ariona located on the Navajo Reservation. I moved to the valley, Mesa AZ., when I was still in grade school. There I grew up wild and free before the freeways and subdivisions. I could ride my horse from the Superstition to the Sacaton mountains and often did. I was taught to be very resourceful and learnred that if I liked something I’d better learn to make it cause money was for things like food, and shelter only…ha,ha,ha.
As I grew and the city grew around me I made choices that society frowns upon. Seems this wild indian was destined to clash with civilization. I was given some time to ponder at the Arizona Department of Corrections. I used that time to better myself and refine my artwork. Art became my direct connection with the  past, present, and future.
Art is a part of my culture and to create is to honor the creator, so I  paint I paint all my relations.I also honor my ancestors by keeping traditions alive. I do feather work, hide/leather work, and bead work.
Keeping with tradition my paintings tell unique stories. I also enjoy the challenges of commission work. I enjoy communicating with people and encourage anyone to contact me with any questions or comments.                Capicoyotliztacteohcuitlatl (Silver Fox)


20180411_073243 (1)





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