Day 210: Mary Nation

Artist Biography and Artist Statement:  Mary Nation

Prior to moving to Tucson, I spent most of my life living and working in New York City; first, specializing in international finance and then later, as a litigator, concentrating on matters involving complex commercial transactions.  I was always a serious amateur photographer and while in New York City was fortunate to study at the International Center of Photography.

I began my photographic journey in film, which has influenced my work even in this digital age.  As I did with film, I approach my photography with quiet deliberation, and am always drawn to light and the interplay between highlights and shadows.

This is why I choose to print my work in black and white.  It is elegant in its simplicity and combined with my work in alternate processes, I believe I have found the medium that truly allows me to express why I was drawn to make the photograph in the first place.

Because I am now retired, my photography can now take center stage.  This allows me time to immerse myself in the creative process be it photographing or working in the darkroom where alchemy and magic are my best friends.


“In Full Bloom,” Tohono Chul,  February  –  April 2016

“Sonoran Symbiosis,” Tohono Chul, November 2016 – February 2017

“All Art Arizona, 2017,” Art Intersection, May – July 2017

“ Sonoran Seasons,” Tohono Chul, February 2017 – April, 2017


Nation_Mary_Saudade (1 of 1)



Nation_Mary_Fountain (1 of 1) (1)



Nation_Mary_Hats (1 of 1)


Nation_Mary_The Guardian (1 of 1)
The Guardian


Nation_Mary_Ballerina (1 of 1)






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