Day 206: Dennis Galloway

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Featured Artist in November of Sense of Place Gallery, Bisbee

My background is in photojournalism having worked for many national magazines along with whatever else photographers do.

During my recent year in Prescott, I photographed the rocks in the Granite Dells with an eye to sculptural values of balance, tension, etc., rather than the usual blue sky scenics. A line from the poet Wordsworth comes to mind…”a dim and undetermined sense of unknown modes of being”…the secret life of rocks!

My panorama portraits are an ongoing project:

A sample: (Karen Russo, Elmira OR)

Recent work:


from: Dennis Galloway


Granite Dells, Prescott AZ
F680 (1)
Granite Dells, Prescott AZ
Granite Dells, Prescott AZ
Granite Dells, Prescott AZ
Granite Dells, Prescott AZ

One thought on “Day 206: Dennis Galloway

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow, Dennis these black and white Granite Dells photographs are gorgeous! I also really enjoyed the panorama portraits!
    – John from J David Art


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