Day 203: John David Yanke

I lost everything twice. The second time was easy as there wasn’t much to lose. I know the value of what can be owned, yet am conscious of the eventuality of convenience; things tend to go unnoticed, appear tasteless and transparent a o are discarded. Mattress springs offer a loaded image for the viewer and for me they are a mental and physical contradiction. They are a malleable yet stubborn material. The design is brilliant in that it contains no positive fasteners – material and form work in union to maintain shape – an everlasting test for me to reimagine, reconstruct and reorganize. They are places of rest. We spend half of our lives on them. They are my raw material.
In a way my contorted, reordered bedspring sculptures depict or symbolize violence anesthetized. They are the beauty of force, order coerced into a kind of splendor, subdued by color ameliorating the violence of their making. The Plutonic shaped pieces represent a more logical approach to manipulation or restructuring. Like me, they immerse themselves into their environment without calling too
much attention to themselves.

John David Yanke is originally from Wisconsin, received his bachelor’s degree in fine art, painting from Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design and is expecting a masters degree of fine art from Azusa Pacific University July 2019. John designed seats and saddlebags for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles in the 1990s, operated a mural and faux painting business and remodeled homes in the early 2000s and currently teaches all levels of art at The Odyssey Institute for Advanced and International Studies. You can see more of his
sculptures at

My official website:

FaceBook: J David Arts

InstaGram: @jdavidarts

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