Day 202: Sarah Hamilton

I see art and hate to leave it on the wall.I love to feel it, wear it; literally be the art piece or at least the house to showcase the piece! I love multimedia on a challenging surface such as hats or shoes or any of my collage work. I play with color,the curve, the merriment.Like being the creator of a festive moment.I love serious and sophisticated mediums, but as a recovering fine art dealer-I find myself drawn to more playful adornments…I use acrylic, oil pastel, alcohol inks, semi-precious stones and a variety of broken, vintage or just goofy fun objects!! Lately, I have been really focused on collage, candles; in which I always try to marry my own original acrylic painting with imagery from say a Vermeer painting.
Most of my work is on the outskirts of traditional painting.My Collage work really grew out of impatience with my lack of technical skill as a painter.From the perceived need to make up for lack of ability; I have been blessed to really see my niche start to circle me.It’s a great feeling. I will start a website or Etsy site soon.This is just beginning for me and what a blessing it is! I just entered my first art show, which is a Tom Petty tribute show in Phoenix and I am vending my collage candles for the first time, here in Tucson later this month. At this point, I’m just trying to create, talk to other artists and sort of be gracious, as I always have this feeling, as if I’m some imposter…Maybe that’s true and I will be told to go home and get a real job..or maybe ……..
I have the intrinsic belief that art is in everything and almost anything can be turned into art!
I have pictures of my art on my Facebook page and would love any advice or ideas from folks about a fun buiz title…Madd Moiselle and The Sarah Style Topper seems the logical today.
Heart So Big

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