Day 195: Hanna Coy

I would like to be the kind of artist that deals primarily in truths, and invites others into the joy of investigation with clarity; but instead, I’m an arguer, a question-asker, a bet-hedger, and a hoarder of unnecessary secrets. The truth is that nothing is easy to understand and we all see the world through the warped lenses of our own neurotic confusion.
I think there are beautiful and ugly secrets beyond that, but I will never know for sure; and so while I long to share them with you, I cannot do it without maintaining my own plausible deniability. I wish for success (which, to me, means understanding), but I don’t believe in it, and I find failure more interesting anyway. I will never settle on a single, coherent story that I call true, and I will never give up the delusion that I may someday find it.

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