Day 192: Cheryl Magellen

Artist Statement

Out in the middle of the Sonoran desert, two hours west of Phoenix, my easel takes center stage in the living area of my small, rustic mobile home. Outside the studio, I am surrounded by cactus, mountains, and open desert, but inside, the walls are primarily filled with figures and faces. This is my year-round painting sanctuary.

I began drawing at an early age, began to teach drawing in 2009, finally picked up a paint brush in 2010, and haven’t put it down since. My stints of formal art education included receiving a BA in Art, and attending a drawing academy, but my best training was received from private classes in Oregon and numerous workshops at the Scottsdale Artists’ School.

Because my passion has always been portrait painting I have recently begun soliciting unique selfie photos from friends (and strangers) through social media and have started creating paintings of them for my first-ever Selfie Show to be held in Grants Pass and Medford, Oregon in July of this year. The show will then travel to Bountiful, Utah, just outside Salt Lake City, followed by a showing in Phoenix in 2019. I plan to make this a traveling exhibition, showing in at least one different city each year. New paintings are always being created as new photo submissions come in.

In addition to the Selfie Show project, I continue to paint competitively for national and international shows, teach group classes and workshops in the Phoenix area, and privately at my recently-established Bohemian Art Retreat.

So, while the sun continues to shine outside, there is a lot of creativity going on inside this little desert studio.

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As Amy SW
As Amy


FlyingGeckos SW
Flying Geckos


Lysandra in White SW
Lysandra in White



Mark My Words SW
Mark My Words


Symbiosis SW








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