Day 188: John Carter

I was born in a rural Alabama town where there was no art in the schools. My only exposure was my mother who did pencil and charcoal drawings and also my stepbrother who made architectural drawings for fun. I drew frequently until my late teens when I started to enjoy making music and skateboarding. I picked drawing back up in my mid 20’s while apprenticing to be a tattoo artist. After I decided to give up tattooing. I really didn’t make any art at all for a few years until I started painting around my 30th birthday. I haven’t stopped since. I tend to be more artistically active in the summer months. It is just too hot to skate and ride bikes like I do in the cooler months.

I think I am color insensitive and tend to use clashing bright colors. I do a lot of layering type pieces. Usually, an abstract base painting with black line work over top. Sometimes I just layer whole paintings over collages over other paintings. My work ranges from realistic looking to scribbling. I think all art is experimentation so I just do what I feel like doing. If it doesn’t work out, I will just try something else.

I think as far as influences go, I take things from comic books, skateboard graphics, graffitti, and whatever I see that moves me in some way.

John Carter on the web @churchofthesubartist on instagram






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