Day 185: M Teresa Munoz

Teresa Munoz, born in Mexico, was raised in Phoenix, AZ. ASU alumni with BFA in Painting, Minor in Art History; I am an artist as well as a full time accountant in higher education. I have been an active artist in the Phoenix/Tempe community since 2000, my work has been part of exhibitions in various commercial venues and public galleries such as the Calaca Cultural Center, the Alwun House, the Modified, {9} The Gallery, Shemer Art Center and the Arizona Historical Society Museum. I often take on random commissions or part in seasonal exhibitions such as Inspired Soles and The Exotic Art Show.

My work centers on my experience as a female from two countries whose cultural, religious, political and moral influences sometimes contrast. My work is influenced by elements from different cultures but the running theme is color. I focus on emotion and color using various medium: oil, acrylic, color pencil, watercolor, charcoal and some mixed media.


14 Dali
Awaken VI
Awaken VI





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