Day 183: TK art

Artist Statement
The work I make is not only meant to give homage, and inspire but it is also meant to
educate, invoke a deeper thought process, and make you want to know who inspired the
piece and why. I take various images of different artist, inspiring figures, and eye-catching pops stars and in an artistic way make it my own original piece. When people see my work Iwant them to know what it is that makes me continue to make art and move forward. But also make them ask questions of why. For me the work I make is mainly inspired by hiphop.   Over the years I have developed a very deep love and admiration for this genre of music. Some of the different sounds, lyrics, and metaphors you hear in hiphop music helped get me  through some very tough times in my life. And the way I can give proper thanks to hiphop is through my artwork.

However, many other things inspire me to do art as well, from my love of anime and
comics, to the culture issues I see in every day society. All these elements give me the drive I need to continue to make art. My art is an extension of who I am. It helps me get my words out in a way I want people to hear them. Hiphop has been a main inspiration but it’s not the only aspect of my work. All my art as a whole shows different pieces and allows me to show emotion in the way that best fits. Hiphop, anime, cultural events, family and friends. . Art is a  direct reflection of me, so you must pay attention to what I make because every piece created  has a reason behind it.


TK is a digital artist born and raised in Phoenix, Az. Mixing digital painting, digital editing,
and other digital techniques; TK creates one of kind pieces that are then made into canvas
prints of various sizes. With a majority of his work Inspired but not limited to hiphop
culture TK is an artist who continually works hard pushing towards his goals of becoming
an international artist.

IG: @iamtkart



Erykah Badu


Mr. West
Kanye West


lauryn hill_
Lauryn Hill


purple rain_
Purple Rain






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