Day 181: Keaton Kohl

Bio: Keaton Kohl is a Tucson based artist. He grew up in Iowa and got his BFA from The Kansas City Art Institute. Keaton spent several years doing independent graphic design and as the head of make-up for the 4 largest haunted houses in the nation; The Beast, The Edge of Hell, Theatre of the Macabre, and The Chambers of Poe. Currently, he teaches art, takes commissions, and builds prop replicas.
My work can be seen here:
on Facebook: The Art of Keaton Kohl
Instagram: @keatonkohl


A 75% scale proton pack prop, made child size inspired by the movie Ghostbusters



Gabe's Guitar
“Gabe’s Guitar”: A guitar that I custom painted for local Tucson classical guitarist Gabrial Ayala featuring a blue eagle.




“Elephant”: A watercolor of an elephant from Reid Park Zoo


Heart Skulls


“A Green Tree Python,” watercolor, also from Reid Park Zoo

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