Day 176: Tony Amato

I always loved superheroes and sci-fi as a kid. Growing up the artists that shaped me were Frazzetta, Vallejo, Mcquarrie, Kirby, Adams, Ross, Byrne, Romita the list goes on and on, so I usually gravitate towards the classic version of characters when I draw them.


My art career began years ago as a designer working In advertising as an art director and then in music where I had a company doing CD cover layout and design. So having strong background in graphic design really helps me balance and layout the pieces I create today as an artist/illustrator. 


Being a fan of the “less is more” design philosophy I strive to give my work a life, energy, and realism in as simple a way as I can, using what I feel is the least amount of lines that can still convey what I’m going for.


Another thing that I feel stands me out from most is that I do everything in the process from pencils to inks, to colors, it’s all me. Whereas many other artists will just do one or the other, I do it all.  Since I pretty much show and sell only at conventions, It just doesn’t feel right for me to offer up something for sale that I didn’t create from start to finish. 


I try to only draw what I’m a fan of,  and that’s what keeps my passion in the work. If it doesn’t excite me and make me happy I don’t do it.

Being a collector myself I try to create series and collections of art that people will want to collect, for example… my Gotham mug shot series, Portrait series (multiple themed), Noir series etc. I also try to give my customers something unique by printing my work on metal and metallic synthetic material. You can view most of my work on Facebook, Instagram and tumblr 


Tony Amato



a distinctive practice,

philosophy, or artistic movement

@amatoisms (instagram)





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