Day 175: Patton Werner

Artist statement:
My name is Patton, but you can call me Buddy.  My goal in photography is a simple one, to take a picture of “you”.  To capture you in a moment in time.  Could be today, could be five years from now.  I want you to have a memory of yourself and who you were at the very moment I took your photo, and within that photo, I want there to be as much of who you were at that very moment as possible.
Sure I’ve taken a great still life, family and event photos, but everyone takes those.  I want simply to give my subjects a photo of themselves that not only is a great photo but one that they can view and say “that was me, what I was doing, where I was, who I was, at that moment.”.  I’ll continue taking other photos of other things, but these images, these are the ones I love because I believe that these are the most deeply personal.  Not a selfie, not a portrait, but a literal painting of that person, in their entirety, at that point in their lives.
Instagram: @yourbuddypatton


SH Workout-35
SH Workout-35


Your Portrait - 2
Your Portrait-2


Your Portrait - 3
Your Portrait 3
Photo Sep 26, 12 28 36 AM
Photo Sept. 26, 12 28 36 AM



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