Day 174: Gina DeGideo

Artist Statement

Gina DeGideo is an artist from Mesa, Arizona. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from Arizona State University. Through photography, mixed media, and bookmaking, she explores the human experience. As an Arizona native, growing up in the desert and constantly studying the ever-changing terrain, she is fascinated with the transitions and transformations found in the landscape, both man-made and natural.

Aside from her personal artwork, she is dedicated to supporting youth and adults in her community and abroad to access arts education and is co-founder of Art for Life non-profit. Currently, Gina is making and exhibiting new work and serves as Gallery Manager at Art Intersection in Gilbert, Arizona.

Web Links


Maddox in the Desert


Maddy in the Grass




Self Portrait with Desert





One thought on “Day 174: Gina DeGideo

  1. Loved this exhibit!!
    Very creative the “along the way” concept tracking with red dotted line, it made me feel like I was along side you all the way!
    Make more art!!!


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