Day 169: Alexandra Melina


Alexandra has spent her childhood and adolescents in the southwest, born and raised in Flagstaff Arizona. Aside from traveling to heritage rich places she remains in Arizona today. “I come from a long line of artistic influence, my Yiayia (Greek for Grandmother) is an incredible seamstress and has done her fair share of embroidery. My great aunt was an oil painter and my father is a woodsmith. My mother is a astrological mapper for NASA, one of my sister is a cinematographer and the other can crochet anything from clothing to custom rugs. I could truly go on but it isn’t hard to spot the kind of support and influence I have had in life.”  Painting was introduced to Alexandra three years ago by a close friend and artist, since then she has sold various originals and strives to land shows to display her work. Upcoming shows include first Friday May 4th at the soap shop in downtown Flagstaff and first Friday August 3rd at Rooftop Solar in Flagstaff Arizona. “My tendencies in art lend themselves to a strong emotional awareness and tribute to my influences. Growing up in the Greek culture has allowed to me recognize the simplistic beauty of human anatomy and the importance of color and feminine boldness. My mediums are oil paint on wood or natural canvas and embroidery on linen. I hope you enjoy.”

For contact information please email artist at
instagram: @artbyalexmelina
“When the sky meets the Sea”








“Because she can”




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