Day 165: DiAngele Augustus

My works deal with intersections in identity. I pull from aspects of my life to create stories. The story always comes first. The challenge of creating the still art piece then becomes what part of the story to show. I like to freeze and capture moments of juxtaposition or dissonance. This can be done in several mediums but most of my recent work has been in ink, acrylic, or rendered digitally.

My current ongoing project is a webcomic, Indigo: Sisters. The comic is rendered in a painterly style and follows two witches as they try to handle a problem with a ghost. It covers intersectionality issues involving race, pagan spirituality, gender, size, and psychological health. Approaching this project as a long form comic allows me the freedom to explore many topics while simultaneously honing my skills. As I learn new skill sets ideas for new projects come to mind and I pull from my current situation to make new work. There is always art to be created.

Twitter: @diandviation
Instagram: @diandviation
you are not alone
You Are Not Alone
the visionary
The Visionary
What Nourishes Me
Woke On My Face
Final Chalice and Blade

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