Day 163: Jeremy Yocum

To Whom It May Concern,

The Yocumonsters are an inventory of Jeremy Yocum’s childhood memories.  They are his doodles brought to life.  The Yocumonsters are fun, snarky, and occasionally rude.  They are known for their bug eyes, bright colors and silly smirks.  Some of them even have some pretty foul mouths, so it is advised that their potential owner (ownee) chooses wisely.  Each Yocumonster has its own unique story.  Their name and gender are not considered in the making of them.  Their personality must shine through before they are named.

The Yocumonsters grew from plush toys to full blown faux taxidermy mounts.  They are inspired from 1980s Saturday morning cartoons, Pee Wee’s Playhouse, Chuck Jones, and Dr. Seuss.  The Yocumonsters are planning a worldwide invasion.  They are beginning in the southwestern United States (Phoenix to be exact) and plan to spread through the US, Mexico and Canada before they make their way across the oceans to Europe and Asia.  Keep an eye out, they can be quite sneaky.  Consider yourself warned!

Sincerely (and I’m sorry),

Jeremy Yocum

Creator of the Yocumonsters

Jeremy Yocum/Yocumonsters Artist Statement

Jeremy Yocum is an artist, teacher, husband, and father (in chronological order).  Jeremy currently resides in Phoenix, AZ where he teaches high school and adult art classes.  Jeremy has taught for 19 years and has been a working artist for 15 years.  He has dabbled in many art forms, ranging from jewelry making to screen printing to painting.  Currently, Jeremy is busy creating Yocumonsters.

The Yocumonsters came out of Jeremy’s obsession with doodling.  He is known for doodling funny, little cartoon characters.  The Yocumonsters were born from that obsession.  They are cute and creepy, faux taxidermy.  The Yocumonsters are influenced by Jeremy’s respect for and fascination of the playful artwork created by Dr. Seuss, Chuck Jones, and Tim Burton, as well as seen on the once popular Saturday morning kids’ television program, Pee Wee’s Playhouse.  The Yocumonsters range in size, shape, color and personality.  Some are more cute than creepy, while others are more creepy than cute, but they all have big personalities.  There are horned monsters, feathered monsters, and monsters simply with bad teeth.

Jeremy has always enjoyed making work that invites the viewers to smile, chuckle, or laugh.  He has always had a bit of cuteness, sarcasm, or tongue and cheekiness in his work.  The Yocumonsters are continuation of this.  Jeremy encourages the viewer to engage with the Yocumonsters, the viewer will never know when a monster might speak to them.  Love the Yocumonsters or hate them, they will leave an impression regardless.














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