Day 161: Lisa Bernal Brethour

Lisa Bernal Brethour is a 3rd generation Arizonan who lives with her family in Tempe, AZ.  She has a BS degree from the University of Arizona and an AA degree in Fine Arts.  Since 2004 her artwork has primarily consisted of ceramics, but in 2012 Lisa began street painting and was hooked by the immediacy of the colors and temporary nature of the chalk.  Along with teaching ceramics and art classes, she participates in regional chalk festivals and is the official chalk artist for ASU’s Devils on College football pregame parties.  Lisa’s artwork is influenced by her maternal grandmother’s collection of botanical prints, her paternal Mexican heritage and being raised in the desert southwest. Her work focuses on personal relationships and the interdependency between nature and people. For Lisa creating art is a means of creating a postcard or love letter to those around her and those who have passed; it is a visual expression of their connection.

Desert Lily


4, Seeds of Hope, Lisa Bernal Brethour, Prescott 2016
Seeds of Hope


Rain Song


Bernal Brethour, Globemallow


Moth Ginger Jar






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