Day 158: Roman Sanchez

I am a gay artist living in Phoenix my artwork focuses on homoerotic themes of love and sexuality. Focusing mostly on figurative and portrait work my latest series explores the portraiture of popular gay adult actors the first on being of Colby Keller and including others such as Johnny Rapid, Brent Corrigan, and others. I mainly focus on oil painting and digital painting although I dabble in other mediums such as gouache and watercolor. I studied at Glendale Community College under Sharon Forsmo and took a one day workshop with Henry Stinson.
Instagram- @Fine_Roman_Art
Holy Brent Small
Holy Brent


Colby Keller Small
Colby Keller


Johnny Rapid Small
Johnny Rapid



Let's Take a Peek Small
Let’s Take a Peak
Pygmalion's Kiss Small
Pygmalion’s Kiss


3 Nudes Sleeping Small
3 Nudes Sleeping

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