Day 157: Najlaa Ramahi

Born in the small town of Maysan, Iraq, Najlaa Ramahi was totally driven by her passion for art. After graduating from the Institute of Fine Arts in Baghdad she joined the Iraqi Artist Union as well as the Society of Iraqi Plastic Artists.

In 2002 she participated in the Babylon International Festival Exhibition followed by two exhibitions in 2003 and has been very active in exhibitions ever since. Some of them had a special impact in her heart like the one held in the Iraqi Art Gallery whereby all the proceeds were dedicated for the children of Iraq.

Her source of inspiration is the infinite beauty in this universe despite all adversities. She involves vivid colors in her work because she believes they bring joy.

“What draws me to abstract art is its ability to penetrate the heart before the mind and then the person can decide whatever he believes about the painting… As I have already established a good demand for my work in the Middle East region such as Jordan, Iraq and Qatar, I look forward to get exposed to other parts of our universe especially in the United States.” – Najlaa Ramahi, 2014.

10- 150x 100 cm mixed media






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