Day 152: Andrew Rogers

Andrew Rogers (b 1971) received his photographic training from Grossmont College in San Diego’s East County. Classically trained, he works using a variety of tools and styles ranging from modern, digital image capture and output to traditional analog materials. Husband to an amazing and talented U/X Architect, he is also the devoted father to the world’s most amazing kid.

He has had work featured in several group exhibitions and student shows including; The New Americans Museum, The National Steinbeck Center, The Hyde Gallery and the Borrego Art Institute. He has also had work grace the pages of San Diego’s LGBT Weekly and San Diego Lawyer Magazine. Andrew was also the 2012 recipient of the Dick Baker – Charlie Morrell –Carole Byars Rendezvous Scholarship, presented by Al Weber.

Andrew Rogers is currently a freelance photographer based in the Southwestern US.

Instagram is @silvrsunbeem

Twitter: @drewrog



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