Day 149: Sean Sautter

Sean Sautter is a self-taught artist who has been at the pencil since he could hold one. His style has changed over the years, but he has always felt most at home drawing in a more cartoony style, which is where he puts his focus today. What is the reason behind his style of choice? Sean has found so much joy in bringing others a smile, and prides himself in his family-friendly pieces that everyone can enjoy! Years ago, after being inspired by another artist (aren’t we all?), Sean finally braved the convention world and went from a shopping fan to the creator behind the table and has come so far! Maintaining his self-taught trend, he has grown from penciler who hired for inks and colors, to doing it all himself! And although Sean has a strong focus on fan art, for the time being, he is currently working on building his own world with a comic strip loosely based on his life experiences and a children’s book. For more information, please feel free to visit

A Guardians Christmas
Fun at the Sandbox
Turtle Power
Trapped in Silk
Seany Poo







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