Day 146: Miguel Monzon

Growing up a first generation Mexican American has deeply influenced the way I think and see the world. As a kid, I saw this as a flaw but as I matured I realized that it is actually an advantage. I have the ability to think in two different languages which means I can inhabit two different spaces of mind in any given moment. Each of these spaces draws distinct imagery, moods, and concepts that I attempt to merge/clash in my object-based work. I see this as a metaphor for the broader vision of my practice, which is to unify opposing elements, whether personal, political, or spiritual.

Through a conglomeration of traditional fine art processes and new media processes, I explore the intersection of the personal and the public, the political and the spiritual, and the physical and the psychological.  In order to learn who and what I am in the deepest sense I must create.  My work shines light on tacit notions of contemporary society and confronts them through a visual language that aims at changing/moving these intangible barriers.

By bringing to light my personal traumas I attempt to force myself into spaces that enable me to see things from the outside in. This strategy is an experimental process which means I never truly know what the outcome of said work will be. Media must come second to the concept. Experimentation is a core ideal. The works, materials, and processes all inform one another at all times.

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One thought on “Day 146: Miguel Monzon

  1. Beautiful work! They are like the visual representation of processes in the brain toggling between two languages always in a state of partial clarity half way between understanding and comprehension.


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