Day 144: Sara Yucupisio


At birth on March 2, 1990, her given name was Sara Beth Lucas. Being a native to Arizona she grew up on the Gila River Indian Community Reservation, which runs south of Phoenix to north of Coolidge. Both her parents come from the Akimel O’Otham (River People) Tribe, a culture whose ancestors once resided in Arizona’s capital city.

In the summer of 2008 Lucas moved into the city to originally study Architecture at ASU,
fortunately not passing the milestone turned out to be a blessing in disguise. It was then, she was able to pursue her true passion in art and obtain her BFA in Drawing at Arizona State University. “Bits and Pieces”, an academic still-life drawing (Untitled, Graphite, 22×30” 2013), was published in the 2014 issue of Drawing magazine from New York, New York. Sara’s work has evolved into a passion to preserve her surrounding rural lands where she grew up. Her environment inspires her, while her culture empowers her to take what she knows and utilize her heritage in her creating process.

Artist Statement

My surrounding environment inspires me. My culture empowers me to take what I
know and express it as where I stand in my own heritage. I have gone beyond mere observation when drawing objects and animals from the rural area of my culture, evolving into a passionate need to preserve and stay connected to my surrounding lands, which is the Gila River Indian reservation.

When starting a drawing, I do not require a multitude of sketches but, more so, mental
mapping for placement of where I want my focal image to appear. The majority of my drawings start with one image, then progress from there. Charcoal has become a dominant medium over graphite in my work. I choose to stay in a contrasting black and white image, for now, to emphasize texture and development. Texture, to capture the essence of what I love and cherish in these objects and animals. Development, for myself, because as I grow, I focus on grasping and embracing knowledge of my heritage to enhance my artwork and life as an individual.

Instagram: sara_yucu_studio

“Beginning of Sustainability” oil painting, 24×36″ 2014
Sold to Gila River Indian Community Utility Authority
Untitled, oil painting, 36×48″ 2015
Custom ordered


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