Day 141: Courage Benally

I was born and raised in Pinon, Arizona on the Navajo Reservation.  I attended numerous government boarding schools and grew up surrounded by my traditional Dineh (Navaho) culture. I attended the University of Washington and then later spent my adult career in education in the Seattle area. I taught physical fitness and art classes. Being in the Pacific Northwest area I learned the Northwest Coastal native traditions and art styles. I retired recently and moved to the Prescott area to practice my own art. I love to work in all media and I try not to restrict myself to one style. It is important to me to keep in touch with my friends, family, and culture. I participate in the Intertribal Pow-wow dancing and I perform and teach the hoop dance for schools and organizations.









One thought on “Day 141: Courage Benally

  1. Dorothy Sherman says:

    I recently attended the Native American Marketplace weekend in Sante Fe, New Mexico. I had the honor of meeting Courage Benally. I truly enjoyed seeing the beautiful jewelry he had created and I was privileged to buy a couple of pieces from him. I am so happy with the beautiful ring I purchased. I was also very happy to learn from Courage about some of the history and meaning about the pieces I brought. He is a Great artist.


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