Day 138: Dani Kahn

I grew up in Singapore where my father was a computer engineer and my mother was a creative and have been producing art and computer coding since I was 12—it’s in the genes!

I started web development and design work as a hobby before I can remember, but started offering it as a service in 2011. My favorite part of what I do is taking a client’s concept and developing that into a tangible product. Watching their face light up when their vision comes to life, whether it be a website layout or a huge mural, is a wonderful feeling.

I love learning, with business, fine art, biology, and philosophy being some of my favorite courses. I’m a proud nerd who’s obsessed with comics, Dungeons & Dragons, video games, and visual arts. I’m also a huge Star Trek fan and really hoping for a Replicator one day.

I’m all over the interwebs, feel free to message me on any of your favorite platforms.

Mural at Pinot’s Palette, Party Room
016_COLOR_IG (1)
Clockwork Orange
Intentional for Emily
Annette’s Backyard Garden Mural


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