Day 134: Damian Amoros

I’m was born and raised in Phoenix. Grew up in west Phoenix,  I started writing graffiti back in 93 and wrote for quite some time. What got me into the woodwork I’m doing now was me wanting to try something different and at first, I wanted to do metal work but I figured it would be too difficult and too heavy to sell. Luckily at that time a good friend of mines dad was a carpenter and he mentioned to me why don’t I try doing my ideas out if wood. He helped me out with my first piece and gave me some pointers and the rest is history.  Every day is a learning process cuz I never had any woodshop training or know too much about most of the saws so most of my skills are hands on. I started my first wood piece around 2005. My style is a mix between southwest flavor and Geometric and  Symmetrical patterns but I never limit myself to visions or ideas. You can check my work out on Instagram at bisie.367@Instagram.

Instagram: bisie.367@Instagram.










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