Day 132: Daryl Begaye

My work explores the idea of experimentation. Combining different techniques and styles to create something new; something different – something that has not been done before, reaching beyond the traditional to utilize and fuse different art mediums.

Drawing from diverse influences; such as the classic masters of the old world, the masters of indigenous art, the emergence of graffiti/street art, and including my diverse cultural background…my vision of modern indigenous art is created.

Growing up on the Navajo Reservation, I was immersed in the Navajo art (watercolor, sand painting, jewelry, and basketry) and Pueblo art (wood carving, stone fetishes, pottery, basketry, and jewelry). As my knowledge grew I was exposed to other forms of art from different cultures; oil and acrylic painting, sculpture, photography, and graphic design. As I settled into my art, I knew I did not want my creations to look like either sensibility – I did not want my artistic expressions to be another echo of Leonardo da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, R.C. Gorman, or Tony Abeyta. I wanted my art to stand on its own, away from conventional labeling, which has led to my experimentations.

My main motivation in this experimentation is to test the boundaries of my skills, always on a quest to acquire new skills and techniques. In the end, my goal is to leave the viewer in amazement, questioning whether what they saw is even possible.






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