Day 130: Joseph Kelley

Joseph Kelley is a color-blind artist in Apache Junction, Arizona. He is a disabled veteran in the US Army with two deployments under his belt. After being hospitalized twice due to the severity of his military-based PTSD, Joseph left everything he owned and loved, to live homeless in Prescott, Arizona. He used the time to follow his passions and started creating abstract drawings with colored pencils. Asking God for help guiding each brush stroke, and despite being colorblind, Joseph has created abstract paintings and sketches that can be turned and displayed in any direction. The viewer is able to see different stories unfold in each direction his art is displayed. Joseph now has a successful career with a Major Financial Institution. The motto he now shares with his co-workers, family, and friends is “Be the best you that you can be”. If you would like to get in contact with Joseph, please email him at



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