Day 128: Sabrina Hernandez

My name is Sabrina Hernandez I live in a small town called Arizona City right in the middle of the desert between Phoenix and Tucson. As a child, I would draw and paint, it came natural so I could say I am self-taught. I began painting on canvas in 2015 and sold pieces at my local historic downtown First Friday’s in Casa Grande for the sole purpose of fundraising for my local church Children’s Ministry, we have been successful and blessed and are able to help our Children’s Ministry. Earning money to take them on trips and Children events. And so these last three years the Lord opened opportunities for my Art to go beyond just our small little town we have been invited to and were able to showcase some of my pieces in the City of Phoenix, Phoenix has been kind to us and it seems and I hope. I could only hope and dream. I can make it here as an artist. All sales to this day all go to the children’s ministry. To see some of my art my facebook page is Art By Sabrina @BrinaArt09

Facebook Page: Art By Sabrina @BrinaArt09

Virginia smiles in Arizona
La Palma
Angel Ornament
Music is Love
La Jovencita

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