Day 127: Keely Finucane

Artist Statement:

Oil paint has always been one of my favorite mediums due to its versatility. At times I will smother the canvas with paint using only a pallet knife. Other times, I use linseed oil to thin the paint and create multiple, transparent layers that gives my painting a sense of visual depth. Most of my work has been created through impulse, relying on obsessive tendencies towards mark making. After I start a drawing or painting, an unfinished story begins to emerge. I become enthralled in the character’s narratives, devoted to uncovering each subject’s truth.  Even when a piece is complete, the stories never end.


Keely Finucane’s love of painting was sparked at age of 15 when she was inspired to create an angel in hell, thus provoking years of juxtaposed symbols within her artwork. Finucane’s first works explored dreams and memory through visual illustration of alternate realities. Using her journal as a source of inspiration, she brought broken memories to canvas, embracing symbolism, nostalgia, and a sense of the unfamiliar.

Keely Finucane is from New London, PA and currently resides in Phoenix, AZ. She received a BFA in painting with a concentration in glass from Tyler School of Art at Temple University in 2012. Finucane specializes in oil and charcoal mediums. Her body of work ranges from realistic paintings to surreal narratives in mixed media. Finucane has taught art for 6 years and currently teaches 7th and 8th grade students. She was the appointed artist who designed and executed the mural for Valley Partnership’s Community Project at Florence Crittenton, Scottsdale, AZ in 2015; and most recently at St. Vincent de Paul, Phoenix, AZ in 2017.

Instagram: Keely Finucane

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