Day 122: Cindy Haskins Monro

My philosophy for creating my pieces is simple – “Get out of your own way”. I use a free form method which combines folk primitive, abstract, and outsider styles in my acrylic and acrylic/charcoal paintings. I try not to think too much as I go along so as to be surprised by the result. My favorite format, though I also do larger paintings (mostly on commission), is the ACEO format. I find painting miniatures is a wonderful way to experiment and an affordable way to share my artwork with the world at large. I have sold over 500 of these little works over the past few years to art lovers on every continent except Antarctica, and made some lovely friendships along the way, too. As an untrained artist, I feel very fortunate to have found such a satisfying outlet for my creative impulses. Links for info about me and my artwork–

Brown Dog
Caterpillar Faces Metamorphosis
Pink Spring
Waiting for Something Good


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