Day 118: RA Beeler

The artist feels blessed with eyes that see the wonder of the little things in life , from the breathtaking colors in the sky at dawn to the subtle color variations in a newly-bloomed rose or the beauty of the human spirit in all of us. It is my attempt to make time stand still, allowing you, the viewer, to enjoy what would have been just a fleeting moment, for as long as you desire.
Although the artist paints mostly in oils, she also works in acrylic, watercolor and sometimes pastel; working directly from life when possible, but the majority of commissioned work is done from photographs. Considering the photo-taking a big part of the creative process, the artist prefers to take them, knowing what information is wanted and needed to create the artistic rendition that is already forming. RA has traveled across the U.S. and Canada teaching workshops and when the schedule permits, continues education by taking classes, too. The artist currently concentrating on plein air painting of landscapes and the diversity of the Wild West.
In 1998, Ra released the first limited edition print, Sweet Dreams. Since then, three additional limited edition prints have been released; Brotherly Love, Earth Angel, and Days Gone By.
The artist’s work can be found in many private, as well as corporate collections along with original ornaments as part of the permanent collection of The White House, and the Governor of Ohio’s residence. RA is the co-founder of The Potpourri of Painters Society, and is the executive director and founder of The Visual Arts Network. The artist also served on the exhibition committee of ArtSpace Lima.
In 2016, RA chose to relocate to lands of the southwest, due to the incredible inspiration at every turn and the slower pace of life. The artist currently resides in Black Canyon City, AZ and continues to explore the vast region.
Cowboy’s Plea
The Secret Ingredient
The Look of Love
Teton View


The Mane Event
Age of Innocence

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