Day 117: Rachel Nelson

In 2011, Rachel moved to Tucson, AZ from Kansas City, MO; following her heart to pursue a professional career. Her journey to the desert was one of a spiritual nature as is her continued relationship to art. Artwork satisfies a great need for her to express herself where words always seemed to fall short. Sometimes a texture or line can satisfy and convey everything that needs to be said and sometimes a representational object holds symbolic meaning. Although encaustic is the medium of her choice, she is open to using any media or platform available to her. Encaustic satisfies the artist’s deep love of texture, it allows for experimentation through adding, subtracting, carving, molding, blending, and mixing with other elements. Encaustic lends itself to an intuitive process that requires an inner listening and stillness; responding to the wax in a way that cannot be planned out and every once in a while can end in revelation. Not all the work is encaustic. She also does abstract painting with lots of different media including oil paint, acrylic, mixed media, etc.

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“Generosity” encaustic on wood panel, 8″x 8″x 1.5


“Birds” encaustic on wood panel, 8″x 8″x 1.5


cream soda
Cream Soda” encaustic on wood panel 8″x 8″x 1.5″


2017-12-31-16-32-01 (1)
Transition (Conversations with Satan)

The Satan reference is a local dj here in town (99.1 Downtown Tucson)





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