Day 116: Beth Courtright-Detwiler


Beth Courtright-Detwiler has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Ohio State University. She spent her formative years as a fine art painter and illustrator in Baltimore, Maryland, where she was staff cartoonist for Art in Progress Magazine. Currently, she lives and works in the Verde Valley Region of Northern Arizona and has a studio in the historic ghost town/artist colony of Jerome, Arizona. Here she works in the experimental medium of hand-painted masking tape to create large scale drawings and installations in the corridors of the Old Jerome High School. Her studio gallery is titled Word is Art, and also features series of smaller-scaled masking tape art illustrations, on masonite panel, depicting images of abstract of corn fields, floral still lifes and wine-making themes. Ms. Detwiler works in a variety of other media, including oil paintings, pen & ink drawings, gouache, chalk pastel, figurative sculpture, and ceramics. Ms. Detwiler is currently pursuing a Masters of Ed. and teaches Beginning Drawing, Painting, Foundations of Art, and Color Theory to students at Mingus Union High School in Cottonwood, A

Artist Statement: “Art is my charter on the way to knowing…and being known.”

Upcoming Events: Community Flower Garden-Public Art Pop-Up at Jerome Artwalk

Where: 889 Hampshire Ave, Jerome, AZ 86331, United States

When: Saturday, August 4 at 10 AM – 8 PM

Contact information and social media:

Masking Tape Art installation at Word is Art Studio in the Old Jerome High School, (aka. The Jerome Art Center)
“Abundant Harvest”- masking tape art panel.
“Faith By Fire” – Oil paint on wood panel with found object assemblage
Mini Oil Portrait – “The Seamstress” constructed of oil on unstretched canvas mounted to poplar wood plank.


“The Peace Offering” Gouache and colored ink on paper

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