Day 112: Vic Void

Vic is a visual and sound artist.  Often the two are combined for cross-channeling, mixed messages and streamed unconsciousness.

Found objects, repurposed equipment, recycled materials, upcycled bicycle parts… stenciled CD art from EcoGraphics.

Devotional sacrifice…entropy…impermanence.  FireMonkey Studios makes pitfired ceramics from native clay – mined, refined, hand thrown and wood-fired in Apache County, AZ (in the vicinity of Saguaro Man).

Vic is an adherent to the beauty of random occurrence, and of capturing creation at the very moment of conception – admired in its unadulterated state.

Look for performances by RPM Orchestra, Butoh Sonics, and occasional art exhibits in the Valley of the Sun.

FB: Vic Caution

Brass Mask Lady
2 Burn
Feed Me 1
Gyro Phonic Orb







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