Day 111: Rose Collins

My journey as a painter started in 2001 when I decided that although I loved photography and using Adobe Photoshop to create feats of magic and master the mystery of layers, it was not enough to satisfy the gnawing hunger and desire to create with my hands.

So, I picked up a paintbrush and took a leap of faith into the unknown. I must admit my part-time career as a photographer was instrumental in developing a keen sense of composition and the use of negative space. What I know about myself, more than anything else, is that I do not follow rules. I love creating my own path and if something looks good on my canvas and intuitively feels right that is the direction I am most likely to follow. I read a copious collection of art books, frequent galleries to study how other artists play with light, values, and hues and absorb myself in the play of pigments that dance around my palette and onto my canvas.

Honoring my unique way of learning and creating an environment that supports that process was the beginning of my journey. Painting has been life-changing and healing. My determination to master color techniques, composition and design have taken me to levels that I never thought I could accomplish.  I have been described as a natural colorist and after more than a decade of painting, I am now confident that is a true statement.

Catch A Falling Star, Acrylic on linen
Early Spring in the Tetons, Acrylic on Linen
8 Seconds
Cheyenne Chief Wol Robe
Hooter, Acrylic on canvas






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