Day 106: Astral Glass Studio (Cindi Shaffer)


Astral Glass Studio, LLC

I am a kiln-formed glass artist.  Glass to me is light, translucent color and texture.  Opacity bounces color back to the viewer.  Translucency allows depth and a glimpse of what is on the other side, a portal or window through or into the piece.

My own photographs and drawings are incorporated into my work via printmaking, mark making and layering of imagery.  This is a multi-step process involving many firings.  Glass is naturally a pieced medium.  My goal is to transcend this design necessity and add fluidity, layering, and complexity.  The idea is to see the design, to look into it, to build depth and to see the overall imagery as a whole, not as individual pieces.

Enamel painting, screenprinting, solar plate relief printing, nature prints and monotype techniques have expanded my visual vocabulary allowing the work to grow and change.







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