104: Jacki Cohen

The art of fused glass has been Jacki Cohen’s artistic passion for more than a decade. From her studio in Scottsdale, Arizona, Jacki creates acclaimed pieces attracting clientele nationwide. Her creations are a delight in color and composition, a testament to her enthusiasm and skill in working with glass as an artistic medium. The scope of Jacki’s work is both functional and decorative consisting of bowls, plates, wall hangings, unique gifts and home decor. From large scale installments to cabinet knobs and drawer pulls, Jacki’s contemporary pieces add beauty, value and individual character to any home or office. She also offers a special collection of Judaica artwork and is available for custom designs.

Jacki is a trained artist who has studied painting, drawing, and ceramics prior to discovering her love for fused glass art. Always an admirer of the medium, it was not until she took a class in stained glass that Jacki started experimenting with glass designs. Feeling limited with stained glass, Jacki discovered that fused glass allowed her to more freely express herself artistically through the vibrant colors and unlimited designs. Fused and kiln formed glass is heated above 1200 degrees and becomes soft and easy to manipulate. The sheets of glass can be cut and layered, creating limitless possibilities. Since her first class, Jacki has studied extensively under glass masters and is constantly educating, refining and building her skills and expertise.

Today, Jacki’s work is inspired by all that surrounds her. Bright colors, abstract designs, unique shapes all fuel her imagination. A restaurant menu, fashion magazine, or clever wardrobe ensemble can spark an idea that will come to life in her studio. Jacki is constantly re-envisioning ordinary objects into glass creations, delicately recreating their essence into a magnificent handcrafted design.

You are welcome to see and purchase some of Jacki’s art at shop.jackicohenglassartdesigns.com, www.JackiCohenGlassArtDesigns.com.

Social Media sights include:

Facebook www.facebook.com/jackicohenglassartdesigns

Twitter twitter.com  @jackicohen

Instagram www.instagram.com @jackicohenglassartdesigns








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