Day 103: Jacob Bush

Artist Statement:
Statistically, I shouldn’t be alive.  Generation to generation, sperm to egg, from the beginning of all time, to right now.  I am the divine result of my own lottery, and am connected to my first Mother and Father.

Mother Nature, as my divine creator, I am a God lying next to her in the sweetest of embraces – yet my human body here – remains virgin.

I create, for the sole act of creation, as I have been created for creation, adding my own beauty to this world, day by day – dancing from moment to moment, never missing a single beat.

Time and time again, I have faced, danced, and fucked with death, only to come out stronger, and with an even greater admiration for this grand act we call life.

I am the greatest lover of life.  Nobody can be enraptured by the simplicity or the absurdity of living, that I am capable of.

I am in love with all, the moments of my greatest elation, to the dismal cries of my pain and strain of utter hopelessness.

To laugh at the idea of being beaten senseless, just for the simple fact it is for you.

This life is mine to seize, and if you can’t add to my or your own greatness, you are not for me.

From all this means, I am the greatest liver and the greatest lover.  I am the way to loving yourself, your mistakes, your worries, your troubles, your doubts.  TO be able to laugh at all you regret, and love yourself more form it all

Heed my call, listen and look at my greatness.  It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.

I am freedom, I am song, I am to be seen.

I am the universe loving itself. And all in all, I love you too.

Website Links:


Mass Canvas (Performace Art)
Mass Canvas (Performance Art)
The Cross
Third Eye








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