Day 97: Nichole Kluth

Artist Statement

I am compelled to paint.  It is a passion that stirs from my core, so much so even when I sleep, I am dreaming about a painting and the subject matter, before I even touch the canvas.  On the surface, my paintings resound with a direct message of empowerment.  Beginning with marks made on the canvas, lines and shapes create the framework of each painting followed by intentional layers of textures, pattern, and vibrant color. The depth of the message increases and intensifies as I capture the image with impulsive brushstrokes, followed by a final layer of delicate refinement. With every piece I create, I watch my life unfold on the canvas.  Every part of my process is woven into a facet of my life.  Although my art is very personal, my collectors find it very universal. These brushstrokes leave imprints on the lives of all those who choose to receive them.

Facebook: @NicholeKluthArt
Instagram: @NicholeKluthArt

40x30 Glory Rising

36x24 Incorruptible
30x24 MoreThanAConqueror
More than a Conqueror
30x24 Sweet Dreams
Sweet Dreams

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