Day 92: Alejandro Aguilar

The human form is a powerful image that has fascinated both artists and viewers throughout history. Not only is it a powerful image through form and subject matter but as a study for drawing it teaches line and rendering through its series of shapes and forms- forms that are organic, simple, and complex.

My current body of work entails the human form expressed through different mediums. Drawing is the foundation for most artists and I use drawing as a basis for exploring new mediums. This process both introduces me to a new medium and provides an understanding on how I can utilize that medium for future projects whether expressive or conceptual.

From moving a stylus across a digital canvas to embroidering with a needle: my pieces posted here demonstrate that process transparently.

“Self Portrait”, Charcoal and Pencil 2010
“Sketches”, Embroidery Thread and Hand Dyed Fabric 2014
“Digital Painting #3,” Digital Drawing Tablet 2017
“Earth Plastic Man”,  Packaging Tape on Wooden Base filled with Earth 2017
“Forgotten-Discovered” Constructed in 3D Software 2014





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