Day 91: Deborah Burdin


My body of work consists of abstract and representational art based on the psychological and emotional realm.  Bringing to life the expressions of diverse emotions and everyday lessons, I utilize fluid whimsical form and texture paired with technical geometric shapes meant to evoke an analytical feeling.  While employing a variety of mixed media, my goal is to often incorporate found objects intricately and harmoniously to deliver lush textures and soulful sparkle to my works lending to the emotion of the piece.

When I begin a piece, I start a base layer and let it develop as I remain open in thought.  Around the second layer, I feel a concept developing, and continue to deliberately take it to completion in stages from there.  It is at the midway point the title usually becomes evident and relevant to the developing expression.

The intent of these works is to beckon viewers to find comforting connections to the expansive emotional world around and within them.  I enjoy the process of building a concept over a period of layers.  Each layer peeks through to the next in washes of color with assorted textural elements to evoke an expression of depth and richness of individual experience.

Twitter:  @djeanstudio1
Instagram: @djeanstudio
Facebook:  DJeanStudio:  Deborah Burdin Modern Mixed Media Art
Facebook:  Deborah Wohlford Burdin
On the Edge
Kaleidoscope Maze
Love is Complicated
Navigational Force
My Own Unique Path




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