Day 88: Jen Lux

Jen Lux is a visual artist in downtown Phoenix. Her work utilizes a variety of mediums and styles, subject matter often includes a figurative focus and can be dark in tone or composition. The intent is to find beauty in the grotesque and give voice to the fears and negative thoughts that we are all sometimes held hostage to. She sees the process of creating art as both a personal therapeutic outlet and a way to connect with others. 

Jen has been drawing and painting since her childhood in Buffalo NY — studying with professional artists and taking numerous classes from grammar school through college. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Communication, with additional focus on Art History.

She has worked as an Art Director and Illustrator in advertising firms acted as Creative Director for the Sadisco* collective of artists and was Curator at the Infinitas Gallery from 2009-2011 (formerly on Roosevelt Row).

Currently, she has turned her focus back to her first love — fine art projects such as painting, drawing, ink works and metal sculpture. Prints of some of her favorite pieces are underway, and new works will be showcased as produced.





Confess Collage
Portrait in Yellow
Cubist Self Portrait



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