Day 86: Bethany Ann Kiser

   My name is Bethany Kiser, and I’ve lived in Yuma, Arizona my entire life. My grandmother introduced me to painting and taught me all that she knew, starting from a young age. I’ve recently picked up the paintbrush again, using watercolors as my main medium.
    Art is something I use to express myself. I like that I paint because it makes me feel good, and that painting isn’t done for any other reason. Knowing that even if I make a mistake on a painting that I’m working on, and that then I can turn my mistake into something beautiful, helps me continue wanting to grow as an artist. I believe that art gives hope to a lot of people, and I think we all need hope. My intention for my paintings is to make people smile or to feel joy when they look at them. I hope I’ve made you smile today.

One thought on “Day 86: Bethany Ann Kiser

  1. Anonymous says:

    Bethany was my fifth grade student, I am so proud of her. She has a lot of talent is a very smart young lady. Keep up the great work Bethany.
    Mrs. Beck


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