Day 82: Glenn Buack

Artist Statement
I make artwork for my own pleasure. It sounds selfish, but great art has been generated by the desires of the self. I allow the details to speak clearly for themselves, but I do judge whether or not the details are beginning to overwhelm the harmony of the work. That’s when I feel that the work is finished. I strive with every piece to achieve that calm beauty that compels one to contemplate the sensation of being alive for many generations, as if the past, present, and future are merely artificial constructs.
“Sultan Akbar’s Tour of India”  Dry-point print 5 x 8, 2017
“Helen Frankenthaler”  Relief print 9 x 12, 2017
“Venus of the Pacific”  Acrylic on 24 x 48 canvas, 2016
“Peace by a Cypress”  Acrylic on 16 x 24 canvas, 2015


“Girl of Bali”  Acrylic on 18 x 24 canvas, 2013






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