Day 79: Tara Gamel


There is a voice inside of us that we want the world to hear, but it
takes being honest about who you are and being vulnerable with the
viewers. I am a middle child, so of course, trying to stand out and be
heard has always been a part of what drives me. I grew up in a house
of women which included my mom and 2 sisters. We had to learn to
be strong and independent and I loved having that strength as I
became an adult. As a child, it had its disadvantages, but l learned
how to cope by bringing humor into every situation I could. I know
I’m painting whatever is inside of me that needs to be heard. I try not
to plan too much of what I do. It’s always exciting but it never
becomes easy. Not having too much control leads to inspirational
moments. I try to convey an idea and a feeling through images
instead of words. I love those moments when people connect with my
work and say “ah, I get it!” It’s a good feeling to know people get you
and you’re not alone in how you think!

Facebook:  Tara Gamel Art,


“Distorted Perception”
“Decisive Indecision”
“If you like it then you should’ve put a ring on it”
“Liv’n la vegan loca”





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